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Our story. 


There are many stories out there of how people started doing what they do.  They are all fascinating in their own way.  I come from a heritage of independently employed people, going all the way back to my great grandfather, and possibly even further.  A native Minnesotan (make sure you say the "O" right), my wife and I relocated to the Southern Indiana region about 14 years ago and started a family (4 kids now)!  After over 20 years of working for other people, I decided it was time to follow tradition.  So, with many years of professional woodworking experience, and a dream, I started Southern Indiana Sawmill!


The greatest advantage I have in this business is that I am a skilled woodworker myself.  I previously worked in professional cabinetry, architectural mill work, furniture, and even make my own acoustic instruments from scratch.  I am well aware of and sensitive to the needs of the woodworker. Whether you are wanting large slabs, or the standard 4/4 lumber (fancy way of saying 1 inch), I will work with you to get you what you want out of your valuable timber.  

Yes, I can build you heirloom quality furniture from your logs!  That is one of my passions, and the reason this business was started in the first place!  I have a full service custom shop with all of the professional tools needed to produce anything your imagination can come up with.  For more information, please feel free to contact me.


Our company is about traditional values and giving a fair deal.  Being respectful and having integrity is a diminishing virtue in our day.  Know that when you choose us, you are getting top notch service that comes from a foundation of strong core values.  


- Michael Beck (Owner)


Our commitment to sustainability.

Wood is the greatest resource on earth.  When properly cut and dried, it can last for generations.  We believe our service helps get the most out of whatever circumstance led to that log you have on the ground. Because wood is a naturally occurring resource, and the trees are already taken down, our impact on the environment is pretty much zero.  

We’re part of the community. 

Check back often to see what we're getting into!  We will do local demonstrations occasionally, and find it important to educate people on the need of salvaging wood in our community.  Make sure to check out and like our Facebook page for helpful knowledge and neat wood stuff!


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