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Our pricing is EASY!  Don't worry about the old vocabulary of "board feet" and be perplexed by how you are getting charged.  Our services are straightforward, and we always give "benefit of the doubt" billing.

Standard Pricing

Set up fee - $150*

This gets us to your door and set up to any location within 75 miles of our base in Salem, IN.

Our standard labor is $100/hr with a one hour minimum.  After one hour, there is a $50 every half hour rate.

Of course, you can always bring your logs to me.  No travel or set-up fees.  Same hourly fees and blade charges apply.

Long Distance Pricing

If you are beyond our initial 75 mile radius, we will still be glad to come out and service your needs.


However, gas is not cheap nowdays, and we must be compensated for our time.  Our standard labor rate of $100/hr still applies, but the set up time increases.


*We charge $1.00 per mile after a 75 mile radius.


All Day Price!

Ever wanted to see how much one of the best mills in the world will cut in one day?


Do you have a ton of logs that need cut?  

We can be rented all day for a flat rate of $1000


This includes set up and running the mill... yes... all day long! (typically sun up to sun down, or agreed upon time)


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